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Not looking for love.. cause it sucks!!!! lol...Just want be an awesome entertainer and someday an accomplished musician. Don't need any b**s*** in my life...I've I had my fill....
Music: I"m a singer & song writer so I like it all. Rock, Country, R&B, Classical etc. Check Out my myspace page. I 'm lead in
TV: CSI Las Vegas, NY, Miami, and NCIS, Burn Notice is hot too
Books: No time for books only American songwriter Rolling Stone or Fitness Mags.
Sports: Football , Basket Ball, Rodeo Giddy up!
Interests: Family, Playing music, writing music, singing, and learning music.. I'm very physical and love to work out. Enjoy hiking, biking, swimming and much more. Open to a try new and challenging things.
Movies: I love the Underworld series. The Highlander, Love Actually and I also love comedies. Will Ferrell cracks me up!!
BestFeatures: My vocals.
Dreams: Being inducted into the Rock Hall and The Country Hall of fame.

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