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From Ohio, Florida, Berkley for school, Brooklyn, then Portland and now Back To California on a whim. I'm a writer for living but not fun writing but I write for fun that doesn't bring in money yet. . If you want to know more about me, ask me. I am more than words on a website. I'm more complex than you can imagine.
College: University of California, Berkeley
Music: Last Action Hero belle and Sebastian Leonard Cohen Neko Case, Modest Mouse,Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Slow Club, Arcade Fire, The National, Mike Skinner and The Streets,
TV: Hulu
Books: Too Many To Name
Sports: Hate Watching Sports Ok that's a Lie, I Love Baseball and I'm a Mets Fan Haters. But I. Skateboard, Snowboard, and I'm learning to surf!
Interests: ad hominem argument, akon, andrew bird, ashley jane konrad, being in debt, born homesick, brooklyn, bruce springsteen, cancer camp, cory kennedy!, daniel johnston, tupac, destructive internet research, diet pills from wal*mart, driving over state lines, dual citizenship, edie sedgwick, elizabeth wurtzel moments, fake palindromes, fallacies, harvard &cambridge, hesjustnothatintoyou, ilana tspora bresky, jackson c.frank, kanye west, karma payment plans, khaela from the blow, leadbelly, matt pond pa, michael runion, milan kundera, nabakov, not a joke, oprah winfrey, owning records, , patron saints, pleading via e-mail, running away from home, russian literature, search for j.davis, starting fights, steinbeck, stomach aches, student loans, syntax &diction, taco salads, the american dream, the blessed virgin, throwing up outside, tim malek's backyard, topshop, twelve hour lovers, wally lamb, wanting a puppy, whiskeytown, wilco, willy mason, writing short stories, xiu xiu
Movies: Foreign Mostly. Documentaries and whatever Netflix has to offer my boarded behind.
BestFeatures: Honesty. Lack of Modesty. Able To Laugh At Myself. I Live in Clever Clever Land. Faithful.
Dreams: i will be a successful writer, I will live by the sea with my lover and we wont need anything but what surrounds us.

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