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lets see @ 36 my life has changed direction...Its hard for me to adapt to the single life..I take care of both my kids in the processing of buying another house and getting another car after losing it all never again that is my goal
HighSchool: Mar Vista High School
College: Southwestern College
JuniorHighSchool: Mar Vista Middle School
Music: it really depends what I am in???AND what I am doing..but overall from classical to punk alternative and reggea of course
TV: My favorite are GREASE no doubt john travolta is the most...,,,Whay dreams may come it reminds me of someone special...
Books: not too many cook books and sylvia brown as well
Sports: swimming olympics, ballroom dancing,and gymnastics, figure skating ....
Interests: music, swimming alot....going to a nice to enjoy good food and good friends
BestFeatures: I dont know I always get compliments on my eyes that it......
Dreams: well I had a dream but that changed so now my dream is to see my kids become positive influence in our future

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