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i am a one man person, i am interested in serious relationships and friends. i have a beautiful little girl so any one who wants to be around me period has to accept that if not dueces
HighSchool: D Russel Lee Career Center
Music: i love old school r&b, you know the real baby makin music
TV: any thing but commercials
Books: favorite book is back in black
Sports: i dont have any professional team that i like, i played soccer , ran cross country, played volley ball, basketball and softball
Interests: i love to listen to music, draw and write
Movies: i love scary movies, u kno the ones you can cuddle up with ur boo and watch
BestFeatures: my eyes and lips, been told the first thing ppl notice is how long my hair is and my booty and my chest, tats and peircings too if ur into them
Dreams: to live my life to the fullest in every way possible

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